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jim morrison's venice beach THE

In an effort to escape the heat of Los Angeles, financier Abbott Kinney built a summer home in Santa Monica in 1886. In the ensuing years, his love for Venice, Italy, inspired his vision for a Venice of America. See how the Venice Jim Morrison knew came to be in The Shifting Sands of Venice Beach.

Jim Morrison collage: fans spend anniversary of Jim Morrison's Death in his motel room 32 at the Alta Cienega Motel. 3 DAYS @ JIM'S JOINT
2 friends spend the thirtieth anniversary of Jim Morrison's passing visitng Jim's favorite haunts, while residing in Room 32 of the Alta Cienega.
paris tribute to jim morrisonA
One Fan's
Tribute to
Jim Morrison

Our man in Paris, known to readers here as 'Farrrr Out,' shares his experiences on a pilgrimage of sorts, to the thirtieth anniversary of Jim Morrison's passing celebrations in Paris.
fan visits Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon HomeHE LIVED ON LOVE STREET: Surprise Awaits a Visitor to Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon Home
Ms. Mojo shares her amazing adventure on a surprise personal tour of Jim's home on Rothdell Trail.
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